Friday, October 16, 2009

Dream Time

This piece, His Future Vision, has gampi and lazertran transfers along with page from an old book and alcohol surface areas. I usually paint both underneath and on top of the transfers to integrate the images with the surface.

Sandra and I have started our second book (on surfaces) with the assistance of Bonnie Teitlebaum and we are in Dream Time. It is like being in an creative think tank. Its not just creating different surfaces but pushing the techniques to new levels. It has been a series of OH WOWs. It is amazing how one forgets how much work it is to write a book. The first book we had so much more time but we have a much faster turn around on this one. Whew.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Windows on Time

Where does the time go? It goes out the windows. This image is made from a gum arabic transfer and the preserve-it rub on transfer. The target was printed first onto a rice paper using gum arabic, or paper plate lithography as it is sometimes called. The photograph I took of the windows was transferred using the preserve-it technique described in our book. This is a great way to use photos you love.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gampi Transfers

Sandra and I each have our favorite transfers - my are gampi, lasertran and gel transfers. This one is a gampi transfer laid on top of an old scrapbook page from the 1800's and then painted and stenciled on top. I love the tattooed woman look.


Our book sold out in 1.5 months and is in it's second printing. Yahoo. Also, our second book proposal on surface treatments has been accepted and we are at work on it. Guess you know what we will be doing this winter.