Monday, February 14, 2011

Dreaming on such a winter's day

After a freezing week, we have now been hit with a heat wave. Oh, Thank heavens. So now I am dreaming about planting, flowers and spring.

This piece, Datura Dreams, 24" x 24", is a mixed media delight of image transfers, stamping, skins, alcohol techniques and some wonderful maroon plaster.

Surface Treatments-Textures

Delightful 10x10
Texture is what I really love. Most of my small paintings begin life as a demonstration of a technique I am teaching. Sometimes they have many past lives and layers. This is one of them. I continued to build texture and then used stencils to add the circles. This painting incorporates many of the textures you will find in our upcoming book, Surface Treatment Workshop. You may order before it is released from Amazon, or look for it in bookstores this summer.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Combining Texture and Transfers

Quantum 2010  
When the background textures are combined with transfers you get a double wow factor. The bottom portion of the painting has a glue crackle with several color layers and the center square is a water slide decal over a crackle paste. You can learn these techniques and more from our books or workshops. Workshop schedule

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Turquoise Forest

Turquoise Forest 10x10
This fun little painting has several layers of different colors and techniques to create the background. Isolation layers of clear acrylic medium were used between the layers. This gives the painting depth and helps to smooth the edges of the collage pieces. These background techniques will be featured in our book, Surface Treatment Workshop.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heat Wave

It is frigid outside in this northern hemisphere winter and I needed something to keep me warm. This painting reminds me of the winter I spent in Brazil. The underpainting was made with micaceous iron oxide mixed with polymer medium. While still wet I moved it around with an old credit card. When it was dry, I glazed over with azo yellow and pyrrole red. I scanned the coffee beans and printed onto gampi tissue and applied with a polymer medium. Coffee that heats you up. Enjoy.